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People Are The Plan Podcast

People are the Plan™ Podcast

We know that people make companies great. In business as in life, people are always the plan.

On the People are the Plan™ Podcast we talk about how to grow leaders that inspire, build teams that thrive, and create work cultures that rock. Each episode is like having a cup of coffee with some of the smartest people on the planet.

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Braden_YouTube (2)

Leadership: Slow Down & Enjoy the Ride

Episode 09 

Braden Hoeppner, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Herschel Supply Company, shares the importance of cultivating feedback and trust in the workplace, and the value of taking your foot off the gas so you can slow down and enjoy the ride.


Amitis Khorsandi | People are the Plan Podcast

Having Fun in the Workplace: Building Energized and Connected Teams

Episode 08

In this special road trip interview, Amitis Khorsandi, Founding Member and Marketing Lead of Evo Car Share unpacks the importance of building unified, connected teams.

Sarah Hassildine | The Power of an Outward Mindset Part 2

The Power of an Outward Mindset - Part Two

Episode 07

Sarah Hassildine, Director of Perfect Patients at Vortala, shares how a critical mindset shift on the Vortala team has led to profound changes in collaboration, innovation, and client relationships. 

High Performance Leadership through Vulnerability and Trust | SFU Communications and Marketing Team

High Performance Leadership through Vulnerability and Trust

Episode 05 

Together, the SFU’s Communications and Marketing team reflect on their individual and collective experiences working with Smart, Savvy + Associates through The Leader's Journey program.



Claire Booth | People Are The Plan Podcast

The Cure for Achiever Fever

Episode 04 
Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, market research executive, and burnout survivor. Find out how this successful but stressed-out CEO recovered from what she identified as "achiever fever."

Erica Keswin | People Are The Plan Podcast

How to Bring your Human to Work

Episode 03

Erica Keswin is an expert in the business of working human. She is a workplace strategist who has, for the past twenty years, worked with iconic brands like NASA, IBM, and the NFL.

Sheila Heen | People Are The Plan Podcast

How to Use Feedback to Learn and Grow

Episode 02

Sheila Heen, Harvard lecturer and bestselling author, shares why giving and receiving feedback is a critical leadership skill and how to give feedback effectively.


Peter Bregman | Leading with Emotional Courage

Leading With Emotional Courage

Episode 01

Peter Bregman shares his thoughts on emotional courage, and how it contributes to leadership, hard conversations and getting things done.


Peter and Catherine | Ready. Set. Pod!

Ready. Set. Pod! 

Episode 00

Today, we’re talking with Catherine and Peter about the People are the Plan™ Podcast, coaching leadership, and what it means to be a people performance company.


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