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Featuring: Peter Reek and Claire Booth



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Welcome to the People Are The Plan™ Podcast from Smart, Savvy + Associates. Each episode, we'll talk about how to grow leaders that inspire, build teams that thrive, and create work cultures that rock. Today, we’re talking with Claire Booth.

Claire Booth

Claire Booth is an entrepreneur, market research executive, and burnout survivor. A few years ago she realized that she was addicted to striving. Driven by her relentless inner critic, her life became a series of goals to accomplish. Using herself as the subject of a very personal research project, Claire’s quest was to understand why, as a "successful" person, she never seemed to be all that happy. Her book, The Achiever Fever Cure: How I Learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy unpacks key research and insight into our need to achieve and explores the remedy for Achiever Fever. 


Claire is the founder and CEO of market research firm Lux Insights, with two decades of experience serving some of the world’s most recognized brands like Amazon, Nintendo and She teaches at the UBC Sauder School of Business and is a Board Director at the cutting-edge theatre, The Cultch. 


In this episode we'll talk about:

  • The signs, symptoms, and cause of Achiever Fever
  • The dark side of achieving 
  • Our inner critic - the relentless voice in our own heads driving us to believe that we're not enough  
  • Why successful, driven, high-performing people can still end up feeling miserable, stressed out, and unfulfilled 
  • Our fear of being normal and not noteworthy
  • The Achiever Fever Cure!  
  • The bright side of achievement - there is good news if you're suffering from Achiever Fever especially if you're an achiever.



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The Achiever Fever Cure: How I Learned to Stop Striving Myself Crazy


Market researcher and CEO Claire Booth had built a life filled with achievements, including traveling the world and building a successful market research firm. Yet in spite of her success, she was constantly hounded by her relentless inner critic and feelings of self-doubt.

Determined to find the cause of her unhappiness, she turned her lens inward, making herself the subject of a very personal research project.

Her quest to find a remedy for her “achiever fever” took her on illuminating excursions into philosophy, psychology, behavioural economics, neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism.

After almost twenty years of chasing insights in consumers, she realized that she’d overlooked the only insights that really mattered—those that lie within. In The Achiever Fever Cure, she shares her journey of self-transformation, and explains how you, too, can find joy and peace of mind, without losing your edge. ~

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