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EP 05: High Performance Leadership through Vulnerability and Trust

Special Guests: Kristin Linklater, Denise Leech, Adam Brayford

Host: Leah Gregg


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Welcome to the People Are The Plan™ Podcast! We'll talk about how to grow leaders that inspire, build teams that thrive, and create work cultures that rock. Each episode is like sharing a cup of coffee with some of the smartest people on the planet.

Today, we’re chatting with Simon Fraser University’s Communications and Marketing team members, including:

  • Kristin Linklater: Executive Director, Communications & Marketing
  • Denise Leech: Senior Director, University Communications
  • Adam Brayford: Director, Student Experience Communications
Together, they reflect on their individual and collective experiences working with Smart, Savvy + Associates through The Leader's Journey corporate leadership development program. 

In this episode they share:

  • What inspired them to start The Leader's Journey as a team
  • How learning about their motivational values and strengths has reshaped how the team connects and solves problems
  • How the training has changed their everyday work experience and communication skills
  • Their experience implementing critical feedback skills with one another as leaders, and how that's affected their teams 
  • Adam, Denise, and Kristin share personal summaries of their experiences with The Leader's Journey 


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