Sarah Hassildine | The Power of an Outward Mindset Part 2


Featuring: Sarah Hassildine

Host: Leah Gregg


Welcome to the People Are The Plan™ Podcast from Smart, Savvy + Associates. Each episode, we'll talk about how to grow leaders that inspire, build teams that thrive, and create work cultures that rock. Today, we’re talking with Sarah Hassildine.

Sarah Hassildine

Director of Perfect Patients at Vortala, Sarah Hassildine shares how implementing Outward Mindset principles from The Arbinger Institute transformed their business, including how her remote team of 70+ have increased their connectivity and innovation.  

About the Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute was founded in 1979 by Dr. C. Terry Warner, the scholar who solved the central problem at the heart of the human sciences: the problem of self-deception.

That work revealed two distinct mindsets from which people and organizations operate—a self-focused inward mindset and an others-inclusive outward mindset—and the path to sustainably changing mindset and results.

Today, Arbinger Institute helps individuals, teams, and organizations move from the default self-focus of an inward mindset to the results-focus of an outward mindset. Through training, coaching, consulting, and a suite of implementation tools, we enable organizations and their people to achieve results that are only possible with an outward mindset.


In this episode we'll talk about:

  • Why Vortala decided to invest in Outward Mindset training for their teams. 

  • The stories we tell ourselves to justify our choice in mindset

  • How a scheduled practice of curiosity called "Meet to Learn" between remote co-workers allowed the Vortala team to learn more about each other, about the work they were doing, and ultimately opened the door to innovation and collaboration. 
  • How a critical mindset shift has led to profound changes in client relationships 

  • Tactical ways to diffuse heated conversations and increase positive business results through an Outward Mindset practice. 

  • The personal psychological and emotional benefits of practicing an outward mindset. 

Outward Mindset: Driving Dramatic Results

Join us for an exclusive Leader Lounge event! On May 30th, Charles “Chip” Huth, a Senior Consultant with the Arbinger Institute and Major with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department will share how an outward mindset dramatically transformed policing in Kansas City. 

He'll share how it saved him and his Street Crimes Unit Tactical Enforcement Squad from heading down a path where a crash landing was inevitable.

Get Tickets | Outward Mindset: Driving Dramatic Results

Using lessons from The Outward Mindset and Chip’s story, you’ll learn:

  • How mindset changes behaviour and drives breakthrough results
  • How seeing people as people (vs. the “doer of tasks”) builds relationships and cooperation
  • How making things easier for people by focusing on what matters to them has a ripple effect
  • How an inward mindset impedes success and results

Whether in police enforcement, public service, or private business, shifting to an outward mindset will increase results and dramatically improve relationships with stakeholders, customers, and staff.

Get Tickets Today

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